Farrell Thurston Construction - Las Cruces, New Mexico Custom Home Builder Realty
Farrell Thurston Construction - Las Cruces, New Mexico Custom Home Builder

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Choosing a Real Estate Agent
Find a Real Estate Broker (taken from the following HUD site)

We are committed to providing you quality service as your Listing Broker.

You'll want to start searching for a broker as soon as you decide to buy a home. Talk to several and find someone you think you'll be comfortable working closely with. Many of your friends and relatives have probably bought and sold their homes through brokers. Ask them who they used and what their experiences were. You can find out which brokers specialize in the kind of home or the area you want by looking in the Yellow Pages or your local newspaper's classified real estate ads. Or drive through neighborhoods and note the names of brokers on "for sale" signs. When you talk to prospective brokers, ask questions about the areas and types of homes in which you're interested. Do they seem knowledgeable? Most important, is their personal style a good fit with your own? Click Here for More Info.

Information about Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Qualifications of Farrell Thurston, our Broker:
Farrell Thurston is a Magna Cum Laude Graduate in Marketing 1991. Has been selling Real Estate since 1993. Passed the Real Estate Brokers Test 1st time with a 93% score. Opened his own Real Estate Company in 1998. Personally oversees and is an advisor for all salespeople in his office. Las Cruces Home Builder Association Associate Member of the Year in 1996 Member of the Board of Directors for the Las Cruces Association of Realtors 2001 – 2004 Vice President of the Las Cruces Multiple Listing Service MLS 2001 President of the Las Cruces Multiple Listing Service MLS 2002 and 2003 Full Time Real Estate Broker and Home Builder. Click Here for More Info.

Title Insurance

What is a Title Search?
What Buyers and Sellers should know.

If you have questions about Title Insurance or Title Issues please call:
Title Agent Carl Hunter from Southwestern Abstract and Title at (575) 528-6972.
Carl has been in the title research and closing business for over 15 years and works to ensure that you have a good clean title to your property. What is and Why do you need Title Insurance?

Improvement Survey commonly referred to as "SURVEY".
An improvement survey plat is simply a land survey plat with additional information. It shows the location of all structures (improvements) situated on the subject parcel, easements, visible encroachments, and any fences, hedges, or walls on or within five feet of both sides of all boundaries of the subject parcel. In addition, the improvement survey plat must show the location on the subject parcel of all visible utilities and underground utilities for which there is visible surface evidence. It may also show the location of easements, underground utilities for which record evidence (such as a legal description) is available from the county clerk and recorder, or for which information is available from the appropriate utility company.

Home Inspections

An inspection is completely different from an appraisal or a survey. Here is some advise from the Federal Government on why you should get an inspection. HUD-Get Inspection.pdf

American Society of Home Inspectors
National Association of Home Inspectors


What's an Appraisal and What Does an Appraiser Do?
Additional appraisal information provided by Ken Kroegger at (575)522-2989
or visit the Appraisal Institute

Buying your home – Settlement Costs and Helpful Information
The above link takes you to a booklet produced by HUD Housing and Urban Development a division of the United States Government. It has helpful information about your rights as a buyer and the resources available to you as a buyer and seller.

Already Own a Home?
If you already own a home and would like some information on fixing up your home, escrow accounts, how to avoid foreclosure, refinancing, mortgage scams etc., you may find the above link helpful.


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